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Welcome to my Wonderland!

Helena’s Infinite Shades of Life is the portal that connects my wonderland to the real world, showcasing my designs and purchases and finally my unique outfits, giving you a glimpse at my imagination. Furthermore it reflects on my personal interpretation of wiccan believes and practices. as well as my relationship with Mother Nature herself.

Creating a fantastical world with the passion for crafting, knitting, sewing, drawing, painting, and wearing. Therefore being a part of the mysterious, the beautiful, the cute, the sweet, the magical, the spiritual, the supernatural and the fantastical.

Mori Kei with a touch of Celtic, Viking, Medieval and Renaissance fashion.

Seeing wonderland through the eyes of a post-apocalyptic wiccan Forest-Nymph Lolita with a fascination for unicorns and dragons.

Helena's Infinite Shades of Life - journey to wonderland
My blog is not meant to set a trend or to force my believes on anyone, but is simply me, expressing myself with words, pictures and videos.

Above all else I am aiming to share my creations, fascinations and motivations with all of you. Thus having a good time and enjoying the full color palette of life.

Helena Schober

To know more about me, the author, and the background of this site just go here. And don’t forget to visit my YouTube channel.

Love Helena

Join me on this journey through my very own wonderland and this life in all its infinite shades! (*^▽^*) >>Lifeblog

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