week 3 declutter challenge feature

The Declutter Challenge Continues! Week 3 – We’re Back on Track!

Sometimes you have to fail to succeed.

relax and recharge
Relax & Re-charge

This week went much smoother all together. I definitely learned from my mistakes of the previous week. As our declutter challenge continues, I have learned that it is important to take some time off in between and re-charge.

I guess, everyone has those moments where they take on too much at once and then get burned out. The way I got through it this week was that I decided to take a day off from cleaning and decluttering, and chores in general, and focused on one much more important thing:

Spending some much needed quality time with my kids.

I will tell you more about everything that has happened in this week shortly, but first here is a little reminder that you can join this challenge too! Just download the free clean & declutter checklist templates and start any time you like!

  • Find the template for WEEK 1 here
  • Download the checklist for WEEK 2 here
  • You can get WEEK 3 here.
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