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The Strawberry Shortcake Dress – Part 03 & 04

It’s almost May and my little girl’s birthday was already over a month ago… and yes, the dress was ready in time!

(If you just happened to come across this post and want to know where and how it all began, please go check out Part 01 and Part 02 of The Strawberry Shortcake Dress first.)

A lot has happened in the last months and though I was diligently working on this dress, bringing out this post took longer than planned.
cut and edit

I apologize for the delay, but, after the actual sewing, the cutting and editing of all the video footage took quite some time. It is, however, done now and I am proud to present the finished project in two separate videos.

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cutting the cake

Cami’s birthday was a HUGE success, the dress fits perfectly and the happy little girl enjoyed her big day with cake, presents and lots of love.

Let me tell you guys, it was a lot of work.

All those layers and all that stitching, but it was definitely more than worth it! I am glad I decided to make the dress in mori style, with lots of space for the arms, because at the rate Cami is growing, it would not fit her for long, had I used a different design. This way, however, she can enjoy her pretty outfit still all through summer.

As I mentioned above, this post has not one, but two videos, due to the amount of material. I tried to pick entertaining music, so you won’t get bored with some of the more repetitive parts.  (★^O^★)

Here is part three of the SSC (Strawberry Shortcake) Design series: Lace & Ruffles

Hopefully you liked the video. If you have the energy for more entertaining music tracks and dress making content, you can immediately continue to the next part. Or you could of course bookmark this page and come back to it at a later time.

Watch part four of the SSC (Strawberry Shortcake) Design series: We Have A Dress!

And that’s it. The project has been finished.
Happy 1st Birthday

pretty dress

I have definitely learned a lot during this process. How to use different stitches in different situations, as well as what not to do. There have been set backs and sometimes I had to completely start over, but in the end, it all worked out the way I imagined, maybe even better than I could’ve imagined.  (☆^ー^☆)

I already, very enthusiastically, started on the next designs and of course will keep on posting videos.
cherry pie
Image by Sunnyfer from Pixabay
Image by Muecke from Pixabay

“The Sweet Cherry Pie Coat” and “The Camellia Dress” are in the making.

I will also continue my work on the Mori Boy knit jacket, “Fallen Leaves“, which I am making for Xander. Since it is a fall design, I should have it ready some time in October this year.

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Also, do leave me a comment and let me know, if you liked these videos and/or the dress. Or you could let me know, if you have any ideas/suggestions for designs you would like me to take up next.

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Helena and Cami

Helena Schober
My name is Helena and
this is my Wonderland

Take care, stay healthy and I’ll see you soon! Buh-bye!

Love Helena; Signatur

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