The Strawberry Shortcake Dress – Part 02

Part 02 is finally done! The Strawberry Shortcake Dress is taking on shape.

(If you just happened to come across this post and want to know where and how it all began, please go check out The Strawberry Shortcake Dress – Part 01 first.)

It took a long time, but the hardest part is over (I hope).
strawberry shortcake dessert

I did all the sewing and stitching by hand, so honestly, I am not surprised that it took me almost 4 months to finish the main body of Cami’s birthday dress. However, I did it and can now focus on the last part of my baby girl’s Strawberry Shortcake Dress.

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In my defense, I did make the family’s Halloween outfits in-between (you can find out more about that here) and I also started working on a knit jacket in Mori Boy style for my second son Xander, but that’s another story.

Cami 9 Months

The little princess is now 9 months old and she has grown so much and is so active. Demanding my full attention, she leaves me barely any time to work on my projects. At the rate she is growing I am just glad I picked a bigger size when I decided to make her dress.

I am really happy with the outcome and I can already picture her in the finished dress, but that’ll still have to wait a little bit.

I proudly present part two of the SSC (Strawberry Shortcake) Design series:

Hopefully you liked the video. I believe I already got better at recording and video editing. Sadly my work space is quite limited at the moment and the lighting is not the best…

but hey, baby steps, right?

I really hope, I will be able to finish the rest of the dress soon, but I can already tell you this:

There are a lot more projects to come!
Mori Boy

For instance the second dress for Cami is already in the planning stage. Xander’s jacket is also coming along. I will have at least one episode about aprons (it might be a little Christmas special, if I can get it ready in time) and I am also making little good luck-charms for the new year.

Good Luck
Good Luck!

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Strawberry Shortcake Dress

My name is Helena and this is my Wonderland!

See you soon! Buh-Bye!!

Love Helena; Signatur

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