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The Protagonist

My name is Helena and I guess one could say I’m a bit of an oddball.
I consider myself a Mori Girl Fairy/Celtic Wicca hybrid (a mythical being with magic, maybe?) and I am definitely trying to live up to that name.

Making my own clothes and accessories and being in touch with nature in all aspects of my life. True to the term mori ( 森 , meaning forest in Japanese).

Helena's Infinite Shades of Life - The Protagonist - Into the woods
Into the woods

Finding magic in the oddest places

I enjoy designing, buying and putting together outfits, combining Celtic, medieval, Viking or renaissance style with Japanese street fashion. I mostly focus on the Mori Kei and Lolita style. Dolly Kei and Fairy Kei also play a part, the latter one especially when concentrating on garments for children.

Dowsing probably plays the biggest role in my wicca life and I collect gemstones trying to harness their healing properties. Although I don’t actively practice witchcraft (spells or hexes), alternative healing methods like homeopathy and herbalism are important to me. I also have a great interest in reiki, as well as runic magic.

In the real world – the one without the unicorns and dragons and fairies and talking chipmunks

I am the proud mom of two wonderful boys (15 & 10) and a beautiful little baby girl. Together with my husband and my mother we live in Finland, country of the thousand lakes. Known for its long winters, hot saunas and an abundance of forests, it is the stage for my fairy tale.

I love all things magical and as we know, imagination knows no boundaries. With my outfits and designs I hope to bring a little bit of magic into my and my families life.

Maybe I can also lead my readers into a world of fantasy.

Come and follow me down the rabbit hole…
Helena Schober