Why This Post Makes No Sense

So, here I am… four weeks in and I am already struck by writer’s block.

You might wonder, how that is possible. Shouldn’t I have plenty of subjects to choose from? Infinite stories to tell?
How could I start my own personal blog without knowing what to write for my next post?

But that is not quite correct, you see!?

Yes, I have a lot of stories to tell. The question is
not what, but how?

not_a_beach_postThe last three weeks have been the hottest in years, so I considered a beach post.
Then again I have not been able to go to the beach more than twice and there is only so much one can write about overweight men and women in bikinis and speedos or kids yelling in the water (mine are especially loud!).

I could maybe instead tell you all about the days I have not been able to go to the beach. When the sun has been shining brightly, mocking me as I sat at work without air condition. Around 35 – 40°C inside and you can cut the air with a knife, that has been my daily environment lately.

The heat doesn’t make the clientele any smarter either. Mind you, I am referring to the 18-25 year-olds that I am catering to every weekend.

Okay sure, they are young, they are impressionable,
they can still learn
is what I am telling myself, looking for that silver lining.
After all, we were once young and stupid too, right?

Wrong! Never that stupid.

But hey, that’s another story for another post that I might
write when I get through this writer’s block.

Which brings me back to: What should I tell you about?

Here is one fun fact.

I have been trying hard to quit smoking.
This is not easily accomplished considering the work I do and the people I have to deal with on a regular basis.

I started by cutting down the daily amount of cigarettes bit by bit and am now at the point where I can officially say: I have quit.

Maintaining this status, with the help of chewing gums and lollipops, is the greater challenge. I am however greatly motivated by my reason for quitting (besides the obvious reason of it being unhealthy) which I will convey to you all at a later time. Spoilers…

Now, you might say: “she is writing, so what’s all this about writer’s block?no post

So what does that mean?
Have I never really been stuck in the first place?
Or am I curing my condition while I write about random details of my life (which, coincidentally, is what this blog is all about anyways)?

Maybe the secret to overcoming the lack of inspiration is to write about it. And if you have read up until this point, I assume that my efforts were not completely in vain.

With all of this said, I will end this nonsensical post here and think about what to write about next week! SmartBlogger’s Writer’s Block post might give me some ideas. I already feel a lot more creative.

Input and suggestions are more than welcome!
Please leave all your great ideas in the comment section for me to exploit and abuse.

Buahaha! (^ω^)

Have a great heat wave everybody!!

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2 thoughts on “Why This Post Makes No Sense

  1. What is this “writer’s block” thing you speak of? I have too many ideas and not nearly enough time >_<

    It's probably best that you decided not to do a beach post. I just got back from my first vacation ever, where we spent some time on the shores of California's beaches. I could have counted on two hands the number of girls who were doing amateur photoshoots to gather instagram-worthy material 😛

    Congratulations on quitting smoking, it's NOT an easy thing to do!

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