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No More Clutter! Week 6 – The Final Chapter

Welcome back to everyone who has been with us on this journey from the beginning! And a warm welcome to all my new readers!

If you feel a little bit lost, let me quickly summarize! In the beginning of June 2020 I decided that, since I couldn’t even find the space to work on my dress projects anymore, it was time for a proper decluttering and make-over of our home.

If you would like to know how everything began, please check out my initial post on this Clean & Declutter Challenge.

Welcome to my Mori Home!

dream mori home
Image by Vincent Ciro from Pixabay

It is done! I have officially managed to transform my messy, full-of-clutter house into a Mori Girl Wonderland Home. Our 6 Weeks Clean & Declutter Challenge has come to an end and even though there were a few minor setbacks and some things left unfinished, the result pretty much speaks for itself. No more clutter around I have finally made my home fit for a Mori Girl.

Like I mentioned before, the idea of this project was to challenge myself. We set challenges for ourselves all the time, in our work or fitness related, etc… and the feeling of accomplishment is was drives us, motivates us to take on the next challenge after that and the one after that.

Even failures motivate us as we learn from our mistakes.

For me this is no different. I am very motivated now to continue and still finish those things in the house that have been left undone. As well as take on/continue my sewing projects, now that I finally have the space again.

I can’t wait to get back to my dress making, now that the clutter is gone!

I will tell you all about our last week in a moment, but first let me remind you that you can challenge yourself too! Our decluttering is over, however, that doesn’t mean that yours can’t begin! Just download the free clean & declutter checklist templates and start any time you like!

  • Find the template for WEEK 1 here
  • Download the checklist for WEEK 2 here
  • You can get WEEK 3 here.
  • The WEEK 4 templates you can find here.
  • And here is the checklist for WEEK 5.
  • Here you can get the final template for WEEK 6.

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In this week’s video you get to see me clean and organize our kitchen, there is also a little bit of wall sticker unwrapping action and finally the finished Mori Girl Wonderland I was dreaming of! ✿♥‿♥✿ If you stick around until the very end, you even get to see how we transformed our front porch. That actually happened before this declutter journey started and I thought it would make for a nice little add on.

WEEK 6 of our Clean & Declutter Challenge

Days 1 though 7

The happenings of this last week are rather difficult to split up into separate days.

Throughout this last chapter of our story, I bit by bit cleaned and tidied up anything and everything that was still lying around.

I also took the opportunnity to rest and take some long naps together with my baby girl! (◡‿◡✿)

No more clutter was the main focus of this whole challenge!

We had one more full car load of things we don’t need, so I sent my husband off to just drop it all off at our favorite second hand store.

I went through piles of wedding dishes that I had kept because “we might have another big celebration at some point and could use those”. (ー_ー )

The last famous words before one starts drowning in clutter…

wedding backdrop

I took the really really big backdrop I saved from our wedding/handfasting ceremony and decided to finally hang it up where it was supposed to go already years ago when we moved into our house.

William didn’t like the process of the backdrop hanging very much, because I climbed up on a very unsteady ladder and he had to hold it and was extremely nervous about me falling off. ヽ( ̄д ̄;)ノ

I spent a lot of time on putting up the stickers and Cami totally loves them!

summer in the kitchen
She is just so adorable when she tries to catch the butterflies in the kitchen and talks to the unicorns on the wall.  (´ ▽`).。o♡
unicorns on the wall

On Friday, meaning day 5, my vacation started, so I didn’t have to go to work this weekend, but of course I was still working a lot in the house.

We had planned to take a little family trip to the countryside the coming week, which meant that most of the time that I didn’t declutter or clean, I instead spent with searching for affordable accommodation for us.

We did not manage to attach the gates anymore in Week 5, so we got that done this week as well.

I finished my last Clean & Declutter video and hope you will watch it to the end! (●^U^●)

No More Clutter! Week 6 – The Final Chapter:

How do you like my Wonderland?
season deer

I am so happy with the outcome! Did you get a good look at all those wall stickers? It really makes such a difference. And how about that front porch? It took 3 days and a lot of endurance to work out there during the June heatwave.

By the way… that trip to the countryside is definitely happening!

I am so glad I could share this journey and my experiences, the good and the bad, with all of you!!  (´ ▽`).。o♡

Maybe now, you will want to declutter and beautify your home too.

I put some more links below, so you might find some inspiration for your own home! (⌒▽⌒)☆

Don’t forget to leave me some comments, if you decided to get any of those stickers, or just in general what you think about our home transformation!

kids room pandas

Here are the links to some of those wall stickers you saw in this video:

🍁 Fall Deer Sticker 🍁

🐼Panda bears🐼

🌸 Cherry Blossoms 🌸

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Helena Schober
My name is Helena and
this is my Wonderland

Enjoy your summer! See you soon! Buh-bye!

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