Declutter Challenge! The Before and After of Week 1

Welcome back to everyone who has been with us on this journey from the beginning! And a warm welcome to all my new readers!

If you feel a little bit lost, let me quickly summarize! In the beginning of June 2020 I decided that, since I couldn’t even find the space to work on my dress projects anymore, it was time for a proper decluttering and make-over of our home.

If you would like to know how everything began, please check out my initial post on this Clean & Declutter Challenge.

We got off to a bit of a rocky start in our first week of decluttering, but all’s well that ends well, as they say!

The before and after of last week’s decluttering definitely shows. Of course we are not nearly at the end of our journey, in fact I would say, we have barely scratched the surface of this declutter challenge. That is not to say that I am not happy with the outcome so far (double negative <( ̄︶ ̄)>).

 (^▽^) As a matter of fact I am VERY happy with the outcome so far.

checklist done

Before I get a little bit into the details of what we have been up to during this first week, I would like to remind all of you that you can join in on our challenge at any time. Just download my free clean & declutter checklist templates and start whenever you feel like it! You can find the download link for WEEK 1 here.

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Please don’t forget to watch the video, where you will be able to actually see how much we have done. (o^-^o) And here we go…

WEEK 1 of our Clean & Declutter Challenge

Day 1

Okay, so lets be totally honest here: On day one, we basically did nothing(/ω\). I was supposed to get those stackable boxes I was talking about in my previous post, but our so well planned out time table didn’t really work out at all. That’s life, I guess, especially with kids around and so many things to do… . I did however manage to record the before of our storage and we did accomplish one thing.

We managed to get Xander’s old bike sold!
Xander's bike

I posted it to a few groups through the Facebook Marketplace, very clearly stating that it’s not very pretty anymore, but works just fine, and to my surprise I actually still got a few bucks for it.

The other thing I did on day one was read about decluttering… or more specifically about how to get motivated to do the deed. I found this really great post by DIY with my Guy called HOW TO GET MOTIVATED TO CLEAN WHEN OVERWHELMED BY THE MESS, which definitely boosted my own motivation tremendously! Everyone attempting this kind of declutter challenge should give that post a read. d(^^*)

Day 2

There we were on day two, still not making much progress… I overslept, my eldest, William, overslept, and in the end the only thing we got done was what we should have gotten done on day one… getting the boxes.

My boxes of choice: Banana boxes
banana box challenge

The great thing about banana boxes is that you can get them for free, they are usually always the same size and they are very sturdy. The downside, however, is that you have to go from supermarket to supermarket to ask for them. In many places they get thrown out immediately, so you have to be really lucky to find one of those grocery stores that hasn’t tossed them yet.

Needless to say, I spent all my time on day two driving from store to store asking for those boxes and first I only got 2… . That was definitely not going to be enough, but I was running out of time, because I still had to go to work after this Banana Box Search.

I decided to ask in one more smaller store and JACKPOT! I ended up with a car full of boxes and basically that’s where day two ended for us.

Day 3

storage challenge

Finally progress! On day three I attacked our storage. I got right into it and focused mostly on going through several boxes full of kids clothes that are completely unnecessary. The things I decided to keep I put into the new banana boxes I mentioned above. The old, partially broken and way too big boxes got tossed, so did the clothes that should have never made it into storage in the first place, and a few other things, like an old, broken garden hose.

Then I started re-arranging to make more space. As I was digging through the mountains of boxes and plastic bags, I also came across two more (T▽T) boxes full of kids’/boys’ clothes that I will get back to later at a later time.

As you will see in the video, by the end of sorting out our storage space there were still a few things left that I will get back to later as we move along in this challenge. Some boxes contain decorative items for when I redesign the interior of our house. A few things are going to be donated, others will be sold.

The last thing I did on day three, before going to work, was ask around within my family and circle of friends, if anyone was in need of boys clothes in various sizes.

Day 4

Honestly, I was dreading this day a little, as we had to face one of the, if not the hardest task of this challenge… the kids room. (After the full six weeks I will let you know if my theory on that was correct.)

As I told you in my earlier video, I was looking for new shelves for the kids room. And indeed, I managed to find two good looking, very sturdy and tall bookcases for only 50€. Guess where?

Facebook Marketplace, of course. (☆^ー^☆)
And the great part was that I didn’t even have to figure out how to pick them up, because the seller offered delivery.

Long story short, on the morning of day four, the shelves got delivered and we were working very hard to declutter the room and make space for said bookcases.

I didn’t have to go to work on this day and we basically worked from morning to evening. Removing unwanted toys, putting things into boxes and cleaning up, we had our work cut out for us.

kids room challenge 1

While William was mostly occupied with taking care of Cami, Xander did a great job sorting through his mess. I did have to repeat several times during this process that, if he’d always put his things where they belong and wouldn’t clutter up the room, there would not be this much work in the first place. ( ̄ェ ̄;)

The last thing we did on the fourth day, before completely collapsing from exhaustion, was bringing up those sturdy and very heavy shelves…

Day 5

Another day off from work…which only meant getting more work done at home. In the morning we immediately continued in the not anymore so messy kids room. Day five mostly consisted of Xander still clearing out his messy collection and tossing most of it; and me sorting and organizing games and books, washing floors and moving furniture.

kids room challenge 2

By the end of day five Cami was sleeping in her new room❣️ and all in all I was very satisfied with the result. There are still a few loose ends to tie up. For example going through the mass amount of pens and color pencils that my boys collected over the last years and tossing everything that does not work anymore. I will also make both boys organize their LEGO pieces/sets (there’s A LOT of them). However, as a whole, the kids room is officially DONE.

Day 6

Back to my part-time job, this time morning shift. After work it was time to take care of a normal weekly chore… grocery shopping.

The rest of the evening was spent doing nothing really. I was so tired, even eating dinner became a challenge. The idea was to go through those last two boxes of boys’ clothing that were hiding in a corner of our storage on day three. Instead I decided get some well deserved rest and regain my strength. I guess those boxes can wait a bit. I will still be returning to the storage repeatedly throughout the next five weeks anyways.

Day 7

Day seven, the last day of our first Clean & Declutter Challenge Week, started off with another morning shift at work. When I got home I took pictures of everything I am planning to sell and started editing the video for our Week 1. The late afternoon/early evening I spent mostly preparing for Week 2 and finishing/publishing this post. (◕‿◕✿)

The Before and After of our Clean & Declutter Challenge Week 1:

Since this video is quite long, I have made a little list with time stamps, so you can freely skip to the highlights.

  • 3:32 the start of our journey
  • 4:50 dance like nobody’s watching
  • 5:48 we’re taking a trip…
  • 7:00 lots of clothes
  • 8:20 bubble wrap
  • 9:19 more clothes
  • 11:05 putting the first boxes in their new place
  • 12:33 omg…more clothes?
  • 13:48 moving tires 30 cm to the front (it doesn’t look like it, but they were REALLY heavy)
  • 15:19 the storage is done
  • 16:07 the kids room
  • 16:54 morning, hurry up
  • 19:05 more books
  • 19:37 desk work
  • 20:16 on display
  • 22:37 toy boxes
  • 26:23 the messiest corner
  • 28:35 one table has to go
  • 29:25 bye-bye rug
  • 30:00 evening, shelves are coming in
  • 30:55 good night, end of kids room day one
  • 30:57 kids room day two
  • 31:59 check out my moves
  • 33:50 using the new shelf space
  • 35:33 moving furniture (I forgot to record moving the table…)
  • 36:10 the toddler is moving in
  • 37:30 she likes her new room
  • 40:02 the kids room is done

And there you have it!

The first week of our declutter challenge, though the beginning seemed a bit difficult, was definitely a SUCCESS! I know that some things still have to be done, but we covered the main tasks. If you watched the video to the end, you will know what awaits us/me in our second week. I think it starts off relatively easy, but I’m pretty sure, we have another tough week ahead of us…

Have any of you taken this opportunity to maybe do a bit of decluttering yourselves? If so, please tell me in form of comments how it’s going on you end.

Or maybe some of you went through this process before!?

I would love to hear all about your success stories, or mishaps… . After all, one learns from mistakes, may they be one’s own or somebody else’s.  (⌒▽⌒)☆

challenge filled declutter template

For those who were with us from the very beginning of this journey, here is the new checklist template for Week 2. Or, if you feel like joining in now, after reading/seeing a little bit of our progress, you can download the Week 1 template here.

challenge blank declutter template
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Happy decluttering everyone! Buh-bye!!

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