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Welcoming Spring in a Mori Girl Fashion – Spring Season Photoshoot 2020

A Sunny Morning on a cold Spring Day

Lonely Flower on a cold spring day

Spring is here, but it’s still on the cold side. Flowers are budding, but still rather slowly. It’s not really uncommon for a Finnish winter to turn into summer immediately, completely skipping the slow transitions spring is made of, however, this year the absence of a proper spring seems much more present somehow.

A little fresh air in the morning, however, didn’t stop me from taking a nice relaxed stroll, enjoying the sun and listening to the birds sing.

All I had to do, was dress in the appropriate attire, which for me of course means, Mori Girl all the way.

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Helena's Infinite Shades Of Life - Reinventing Myself - A Work In Progress

Reinventing Myself – A Work In Progress

First of all a big HELLO and a huge apology for my long absence.

After long consideration as well as self-reflection I have begun the process of reinventing myself and also this blog.

A lot has happened in the last months that prevented me from writing and I, myself have become quite a work in progress.

It is not so much down-niching as it is focusing, or better, refocusing on the things I am passionate about and therefore want to write about.

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