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The Strawberry Shortcake Dress – Part 03 & 04

It’s almost May and my little girl’s birthday was already over a month ago… and yes, the dress was ready in time!

(If you just happened to come across this post and want to know where and how it all began, please go check out Part 01 and Part 02 of The Strawberry Shortcake Dress first.)

A lot has happened in the last months and though I was diligently working on this dress, bringing out this post took longer than planned.
cut and edit

I apologize for the delay, but, after the actual sewing, the cutting and editing of all the video footage took quite some time. It is, however, done now and I am proud to present the finished project in two separate videos.

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Infinite Shades of Night – All Hallows Eve

Happy Halloween!!!

Welcome to my Halloween Special! The showing of or “Halloween Wonderland”.

Happy Halloween

I am a bit sad that Halloween is almost over already and I have to admit, I was going to bring this post/video out a lot earlier today, but as it is with family life and kids, especially the tiny ones, one is hardly ever on time!

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The Making Of Halloween Wonderland – Part Three

It has been a long week, but part three of my “Halloween Wonderland” is out and everything is ready just in time for Halloween! (Please also take a look at Part One and Part Two!)

Pocket watch
No time! I’m late!

Honestly I haven’t slept much the last couple of days, just to make sure that I would get all our costumes ready in time and indeed, after hours and hours of knitting and sewing and drinking I don’t know how many cups of coffee, I now proudly present:

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