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A New Sewing Machine and A LOT to learn

Showing off and getting acquainted with the SINGER 2282 TRADITION™ in my new video ‘An ALMOST unboxing

Sewing machine

This post and the video that comes with it is a little bit different from the usual. I am setting up and showing off my brand new sewing machine, which I received as a Christmas present from my mother and my husband last year (2019).

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“Thank you Hunny! Thanks Mom! (☆^ー^☆)

first stitches

I had a lot of fun setting it up, trying it out and in general getting acquainted with it. You will hear awkward blabbering and see me fail as I am trying to figure out the different functions.

It’s such a pretty machine.

It comes with 32 stitches plus, of course, a button hole stitch. The machine has an automatic threading option, but I haven’t really tried it out yet. Honestly I am a bit fuzzy on the instructions with that one.
( ・◇・)?

first stitches

Since recording this video, I have, however, managed to already use it quite a bit for samples of my next project. I am hoping to share the progress of the Sweet Cherry Pie Coat with you soon.

For now, I hope you will enjoy watching this sewing machine experience.

Yay! I gotta say, I love my new sewing machine.  (。♥‿♥。) I hope it showed.

You can comment down below and let me know how many mistakes I made or what I might’ve done well (for a total sewing machine newbie, that is). Or, how about letting me know a little bit about your first experiences with your first machines!?

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