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My 3rd Pregnancy And I Was Not Prepared For This!

My 3rd Pregnancy And I Was Not Prepared For This! Part 1 + Helena's Infinite Shades of Life - I have been pregnant twice before, I gave birth twice before, I am the proud Momma of two beautiful boys (14 and 9) and I thought I was ready and prepared for this pregnancy.

The First Trimester

we are pregnantSo, the cat is finally out of the bag! I am officially pregnant with my third child. We have been trying for quite a while, so the whole family is overjoyed.
I have been pregnant twice before, I gave birth twice before, I am the proud Momma of two beautiful boys (14 and 9) and I thought I was ready and prepared for this pregnancy.

Boy, was I wrong!!!!

I am now 13 weeks along and the first trimester was HELL!! And no, I am not exaggerating.

When I was pregnant with Bucky 14 and a half years ago, I barely had any pregnancy symptoms until the third trimester, except for bad heart burn.

Morning sickness consisted of a little squeezy feeling in the stomach around 5 min after waking up. A small glass of milk and a couple of cookies solved the problem in no time. Fatigue was of course present, but barely worth mentioning.

With Bucky I didn’t show until half way into my sixth month, but then again that is rather common with the first pregnancy.

All in all I really enjoyed my first pregnancy. Well… until the time was up and Bucky didn’t want to come out.

Eventually he was two weeks overdue and labour was the complete opposite of the very easy-going pregnancy, but that’s another story for another post.

Fast forward four and a half years.

My pregnancy with my second son Koda was almost as easy as with my first. A little bit more fatigue, a tad bit more nausea, which this time appeared mostly in the evenings and lasted maybe around 30 min to 1 hour. I was showing earlier on (around the fourth month I believe), which is perfectly normal with the second child.

The body remembers.

During my second pregnancy I was suffering from depression and found myself in a very difficult life situation, but that is yet again another story.

Physically I had no problems and all in all the pregnancy ran it’s course rather smoothly.

Koda decided to make his appearance already two weeks before the estimated due date and there were some slight complications during delivery, but nothing too serious.

Fast forward to now.

For the last three months the nausea has been mostly UNBEARABLE.

It has not just been in the morning or the evening, but 24/7.
And though I have now entered the second trimester, it just keeps on going. The only thing that helps with the nausea is eating, but at the same time I don’t have any appetite. Some swear on ginger ale, but personally I can’t drink that stuff. It is just too sweet for me.lemon slices dipped in sugar

I found that a couple of lemon slices dipped in a bit of sugar do the trick (at least until the next nausea wave).

I don’t have any particularly weird cravings, but I do need a good balance of sugar and salt. And apples. I love apples. I want to eat apples all the time. The crunchy, slightly sour kind.

And don’t let me get started on the bloating, which doesn’t pass silently.

I am showing since two months in. And not just a bit either… I am showing so much in fact that until recently we believed this might be twins. I mean, I am already waddling like a penguin. How will I be able to move in another 2 to 3 months?

Hello Baby!
Hello Baby!

We had our first ultrasound last week and everything looks perfectly normal.

ONE perfect little bundle of joy in there, momentarily somewhere between the size of a pea pod and a small lemon.

The babycenter is definitely one of my favorite sites right now. Though I am not a first-time-mom, it’s been a while since my last pregnancy, so reading through the developmental stages from positive pregnancy test to delivery room is rather helpful for me and my family. My husband and kids can get a picture of what is going on inside me, which helps them to understand the process better too.

Like when mommy yet again starts crying out of the blue for no apparent reason. Yes, it happens a lot lately!!

The tiredness is overwhelming, however sleeping is mostly out of the question. I already have huge problems positioning myself properly in bed and my back hurts constantly.

Of course I am still working full-time. I can’t wait for my maternity leave to start. There are so many series I need to catch up on and since I highly doubt that the sleeping will improve, I’ll have a lot of free hours at night before this baby is born.

Top priority on my to do list: Getting a maternity pillow.

maternity pillowI never had one, but having such difficulties already this early on in my pregnancy, I don’t think I’ll get through this without.

Amazon has a lot of choices and there are also local stores to consider, so I am not quite sure yet which one I will get.

Honestly I do hope this baby is a girl!

I love my boys and if this one is one as well, of course I will love him just as much, but I really want a girl! Bucky and Koda are also desperately hoping for a little sister.

Stepping into the second trimester, I am slightly scared of what the next few months might hold in store for me, but I am sure all of it will be worth it at the end!

My advice: If you think you are prepared for pregnancy, may it be your first or your 10th,  think again.

Every pregnancy is different, just like every child is different.

No matter how hard or easy the pregnancy, no matter how hard or easy the labor, at the end of the journey you will be greeted by a beautiful perfect baby (sometimes two).

And that is worth all of the pain and suffering at any given time!!!

I want to hear your pregnancy stories. Leave your comments below and tell me all about the unexpected twists. Were you prepared? How did you deal with the worst of it?

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